10 Best Photography Ideas Worth Trying

10 Best photography ideas

Looking for creative ideas for photography? Many photographers find themselves out of ideas time – to – time due to this they end up using the same ideas again and again.

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To offer you inspiration, we have come with 10 creative ideas that will upgrade your skills. Photo Courtesy – Unsplash (There are many wonderful photographs on the website that are license-free.

1. Macro Photography

Macro Photography is all about capturing small items and making them look larger. To test your skills you click pictures of a water droplet, insects, flowers, etc. In this Photography you should have the correct lens to get a depth of field and details.

Macro photography

2. Playing with Words

 Alphabet! They can speak in words with your shot. You can work out with anything like wire, flowers, toys, food, candles, word template, etc. Make them look within tame and playful. You can spell or phase out something associated with your theme.

Creative photography

3. Pattern theme

Patterns always look satisfactory. The pattern is all about working with the same group of an object and repetitive objects, colors, shapes, etc. You have to first pick a theme and then arrange it in composition and then take a shot from the top angle.

Food pattern photography

4. Chalk effect

If you are good at drawing you can convert your imagination to sketch. Even you’re not good withdrawing you can work with simple geometry shapes or something abstract. It is one of the creative photography ideas to place it with the actual object.

Creative photography

5. Tell a Story

If you like to tell a story this is a perfect idea for your photography. All you need a story with the profession and you can place things in the background according to requirement.  You can choose and professions like artists, writers, designers, etc.

Story telling photography

6. Long Exposure

Long Exposure also known as slow exposure, has become popular in the last years and is all about capturing and blurring out the moving object. You can also use light as a moving object that will give you a soft light effect in the background while keeping still object in focus.

Exposure photography

7. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights very beautiful focal points. You can place on your object or you can ask your model to hold it. It can help you improve your lighting skills. It is a mostly used type of photography idea on social media. Working on camera with fairy lights can be tricky you will need to understand the right amount of exposure needed for a particular shot. (You can buy fairy light from amazon)

fairy lights photography

8. Shadow

In photography, a shadow is considered an important factor as it gives depth to an object. Shadow photography considered a more dramatic and artistic approach. You can work on the shadow in light when the sun is bright. You have to consider shadow as a more important object in shadow photography. Try to click pictures from different angles.

shadow photography

9. Time Slice

If you have one scenario to work with you can count on time slice as a creative idea for your portfolio. Time slice photography means taking pictures of the same location, at the same angle, at different times. Then you edit those pictures cropping in such section they all together make the whole picture. You will see the gradient effect after combing all the pictures.

time slice photography

10. Smoke Photography

Smoke bomb photography is becoming very popular these days. The colored smoke can be used to create mood, atmosphere, or to add mystery to your photos. Smoke Photography can be challenging as it creates a unique pattern with an object and that’s why you need to click multiple shots at same time.

smoke photography


This is a list of creative photography ideas. No matter what ideas you decide to go with just remember to enjoy every bit of it. We hope this article helped you.

What are your creative photography ideas? Do let me know by commenting below.

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