Is there any difference between clipping path service and image masking?

People often confuse clipping path service with image masking. Although these both are photo editing techniques and work for similar purposes, they differ in certain factors. Both clipping path and image masking are widely utilized photo editing techniques and are used to isolate an object to make it fit for e-commerce and marketing needs. But to know the difference let’s delve deep into the understanding of these services.

Clipping path service 

Like image masking, clipping path service isolates the subject and involves the use of tools like the pen tool in Photoshop. Through the pen tool, the subject is outlined and separated from the background. But the point that needs to be highlighted is, it is used for editing the images that have straightword edges. The edges are sharp and not furry or hairy. Images of boxes, electronic products, apparel, accessories, etc are edited with the help of the clipping path service. But a lot of accuracy and professional hand is required to get the desired result.

If you wish to get your image to stand out in the market you must seek the help of a professional editor.

Various types of clipping path services:

  • Single-layer clipping path service
  • Multi-layer clipping path service
  • Illustrator clipping path service

Image masking

Image masking is used for editing complex images that have intricate detailing. Such images have curvy, furry, or hairy outlines that require an image-masking technique to edit properly. If clipping service is used for such images then you won’t be able to get that accuracy and professional look. Image masking provides better control to photo editors on the image than clipping path service and is a non-destructive way to adjust the specific parts of the image. Further, image masking also requires great accuracy and professional hands.

So, the bottom line is both are different photo editing techniques, used according to the complexities of the image.

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