Top 10 Essential Photography Equipments [Updated 2019]

Photography Equipments

In today’s world, photography is not just about having a good quality camera which meets your requirement. It is not about those feature-rich photo editing software to give that final touch to your images. If you are a photographer, you must be knowing what it takes to care for your photography equipments.

Along with the camera, you need to buy several other accessories with to come up with the best pictures. You should own a proper kit and ensure its maintenance to get better results with each photograph that you click. There are countless accessories that are available today, but a few important ones should be kept handy as they can come useful often when you are shooting.

Photography Equipments that are a must-have

1. Camera Bag

Camera Bag

Your bag is certainly one of the important photography equipments that you need to carry along with you. Lowepro Slingshot is one such brand of bags that you can check out.  If you often carry a camera along with you and want to make sure that it is easily accessible, so that you can try out in the sling bag. Another benefit of the bag is that it offers storage and usability. You can also carry at least two lenses in such bags along with additional accessories.

2. External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

It is always safe to have back-ups when you are using a camera to store the photographs that you might have clicked. And external hard drive can serve this purpose efficiently.  This comes in handy when you are travelling and need something portable to store the photos as you click them. WD My Passport is one such drive that will be your perfect companion. The photos remain safe even when the camera has stopped working and can be retained later on.

3. Remote


Remote helps in taking selfies efficiently as your hands do not shake and you can just press a button to take the picture for you. If you want the best images, you must surely try out this accessory. If you are someone who does night photography and spends a lot of time with the tripod, then this accessory will help you take long exposure shots and restrict hand movement. These can be either wireless or wired, and it depends on you as to what kind of equipment you wish to choose.

4. Powerbank

Power Bank

Having an external power to support you when you are in need can prove to be highly beneficial. Powerbanks are capable of boosting anything that might need a USB connection, i.e., tablets, Go pros, or even point-and-shoot cameras. As these have high-speed charging rate, they are highly reliable and often weigh less than 200g, making them easy to carry. Never forget to carry a power bank when you are shooting for long hours, especially in the remote areas where electricity is not available.

5. Memory Card Holder

Memory Card Holder

To be honest Memory Card Holder is meant to keep the memory cards of the camera safe, which include CF, SD, or even micro SD cards. There are certain models in this equipment which protect the card from water or even shock, thus saving your memories.  These are some of the reasons that make this accessory important. Also, as they are available in different storage capacity, you can always choose them according to your requirement.

6. Tripod Legs

Tripod Legs

Tripod legs are an integral part of the camera gear setup. These make it easy for you to shoot photos as your hands don’t shake so that you can take perfect shots. Make sure that the tripod can hold the weight of the camera efficiently.  These might not be easy to carry, but they can certainly prove to be highly reliable during cold conditions. You can take a look at the Manfrotto 3-Section Aluminum Tripod Legs as they are sturdy and cost-effective at the same time.

7. Flash


Flashes might seem to be an extra accessory at times, but they are highly useful. Buying an external flash is always useful as you can do much with it. The external flashes can be useful when you want to make the picture look professional.  If you do it properly, you will realize that the picture will appear in a natural look. One such product is the Canon Speedlite 430EX II which offers the best possible combination among the photographs.

8.  Nifty 50

Nifty 50 Canon

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens is becoming highly popular these days among the photographs and has been rated the highest on Amazon as well. This lens allows you to capture amazing images when compared to the ones which are captured with a poor quality kit lens that comes with your camera. This would help you to get grips with aperture and works amazingly well in low light. It is cost-effective.

9. Camera Strap

Camera Strap

A camera strap can make your equipment extremely handy and easy to carry. The camera straps that you find today are extremely comfortable and can change length with one hand in seconds. If you use the camera often, it would be best to attach it with the camera so that it gets easy for you to carry it anywhere easily. The leather camera straps that you find today are highly comfortable and sit well on your shoulders.

10. Extra Camera Battery

Camera Batteries

The camera often comes with one battery when you buy it. And these are not cheap if you want to purchase extra pieces when you are traveling or have to spend long hours of shooting with the equipment. Batteries get drained when you shoot for long hours, so it is recommended that you carry at least three batteries on the safe side. These are a must-have accessory if you are considering to use a battery grip and engaged in landscape photography.


Photography is a perfect medium to express your art. The trick of getting the best pictures lies in using not the camera but also the way in which you make use of the equipment that comes with it. These photography equipment mentioned above are some of the basics. Make sure that you click your photographs with complete preparation next time.

Which is your favorite photography equipment? Feel free to comment below to let me know.

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