Wedding Photography Tips: How to Capture Amazing Moments

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Wedding is undoubtedly one of the greatest days of an individual’s life. The occasion is special and all the moments related to it are thus precious. That is why couples tend to hire wedding photographers to make sure that they can frame their moments of happiness forever. Good wedding photography ensures that whenever one looks back at them, they feel like living that moment.

This is why it is important for photographers who are just starting out to follow wedding photography tips & best practices to ensure that they capture the best moments.

Here are some tips on wedding photography that will help you to click the best moments of a wedding and create a beautiful album.

Primary Wedding Photography Tips

There are some basic things that every wedding photographer must maintain to ensure quality photographs. First of all, a wedding photographer must remember that wedding photography is all about capturing the right moments. Thus, he needs to be extra careful and make sure that he does not miss any of the important moments. The photographer should focus on the small details as well to make the wedding album interesting.

(1) Creating a list of images to be shot

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A very valuable wedding photography tip is to talk to the couple before the wedding to know their preferences related to the shots. It is their wedding, and they should have a say in what kind of shots they want in their wedding album. As a photographer, you can also guide them about various types of shots and help them to create a list of shots that they want on their wedding day. This will help you to remain organized and will also make sure that you do not miss any important image.

(2) Check on the locations

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If you have got to cover a wedding that included multiple locations, then it is better that you visit these locations beforehand to get an idea about the shooting. Visiting the locations beforehand will help you to understand the place, and you will be able to prepare a mental plan of what you will shoot from where. This will save you from the last-minute preparation regarding the position of your subjects on the day of the wedding.

(3) Remain prepared with backups

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A lot of things can go wrong on the day of your shooting. Your camera battery might die, you might forget the SD card or something else might happen. This is why you need to be prepared with back up plans. Make sure to carry another camera with all the necessary photography equipments. In case your primary camera fails you, the day will be saved with the help of your back up camera. You should also carry a second set of equipment in case the primary set fails.

(4) Get hold of a partner

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Covering an entire wedding all by yourself can prove to be a difficult task. Therefore, you should think of getting a partner. Together, it will be easier for you to capture all the moments. However, you need to have good coordination with the partner you are selecting as otherwise your shots won’t match. Thus, you should give some time to find a proper partner, and you should do some practice shots with him to ensure that you get the best results on the day of wedding.

(5) Make proper use of the lighting

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Lights play a vital role in deciding the quality of a photograph. It also sets the mood of a picture. You will have to work in accordance with the light available at the wedding venue. If you find the lights too dim then you can use flashlights if the people who hired you are okay with it. However, you should also make good use of the dim light and bring out a certain mood out to the pictures shot in low light. In order to be prepared for any kind of lighting condition, you should talk to the couple beforehand regarding the same.

(6) Add creativity to your shots

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The key to making an enchanting wedding album is to get creative with the shots. You should come out of the clichés of wedding photography. As a photographer, you must use your perception differently to avail creative shots. Most of the wedding albums appear boring because they capture the same kind of images. If you want your shots to stand out then you will have to think out of the box. Focus on changing your perspective of a particular shot, and you will get what you want.

(7) Focus on the surrounding people

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All your shots should not only cover the couple. While you can make most of your album about them, you should also focus on the remaining people. The relatives, friends and other invited people often give capture worthy reaction on various stages of the wedding. In order to make your album quirky and interesting, you should make sure that you catch such reactions successfully. This will add more value to the album as when people will see the photos some or other memory will pop up, and they will enjoy the moment all over again.

(8) Take attractive group shots

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Group shots happen to be the mandatory part of every wedding album. Make sure not to miss out on that. You should change the combination of the groups and get a variety of photos. You can ask the subjects to change their poses in accordance with their relation to the other people of this group. This will make the group pictures innovative and fun.


Wedding is generally a one-time affair. This is why people tend to give more emphasis on the quality of wedding photography. Everyone wants their best moments to be captured, and this might cause a lot of stress on the photographer. If you are a wedding photographer then you must be aware of this.

Following the wedding photography tips mentioned above will help you successfully capture a wedding with its essence intact. However, you would keep getting better with practice as each wedding you cover will teach you some new technique.

Do you have a wedding photography tip which you would like to share? Feel free to comment below & let me know.

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