What is Photo retouching and why is it important?

What is Photo Retouching and why is it important?

Did you know that most people edit photos before posting them online? That is when a photo retouching company comes into the picture. Photo Retouching companies provide retouching services which makes your image look more attractive and fascinating. 

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching is the method of altering an image to prepare it for the final result. Photo retouching is the process of upgrading the appearance of an image and removing flaws and little defects like dirt, dust, saturation, blemishes, dark circles etc.

Apart from this, the photo retouching process also involves airbrushing, that means removal of additional elements from the background or adding up certain elements in order to make the image look more fantastic. 

Photo retouching is about applying a finishing touch to an image and not just about correcting or making small corrections to the image. As most of the smartphones come equipped with built-in features to retouch the photos automatically, we still cannot compare to professional retouching and image editing services provided by a professional photo retouching company. 


How is Photo Retouching different from Photo Editing?

The terms ‘retouching’ and ‘editing’ are used quite often in the field of photography, but the meaning that they carry differs from each other.

Many people tends to get confused when it comes to photo editing and photo retouching. But then, we need to first understand the difference between the two so that we can utilize both of the techniques in the best possible way.

What is Photo Editing?

Photo editing simply means to alter an image by using the basic photo manipulation techniques. Small adjustments like cropping, straightening, adjust contrasts are done here. It just takes few minutes to do these basic changes that makes the image look neat and clean.

Define Photo retouching

With the help of photo retouching, certain creative effects are added to make the image fantastic. It involves going beyond the basic photo editing and adjustment and using extra steps like making the skin look smoother, wrinkle-free or blemish-free. 

A major difference between retouching and editing is the fact that the main objective with editing is to have a picture with the right size, sharpness, exposure and color. However, retouching aims to achieve the creative vision of the photographer. We can, however complete the editing with simple manipulation whereas high level of manipulation techniques will definitely require retouching. 

Benefits of Photo Retouching

What are the benefits of Photo Retouching?

Visually attractive photos play an important role in giving your photoshoots a professional look. When it comes to product photography, the visual appeal can be of a positive impact or even help to break a sale. While you can always go for basic editing with the help of your smartphone, it is always a good idea to take the help of professionals as they will do the work in a more artistic way. 

Some of the benefits of retouching your photos include – 

  • Optimizing the images for print or web
  • Making your portrait and product photos look more professional
  • Processing many photos all at once
  • Maximizing the color accuracy in the images
  • Restoring damaged or the old pictures
  • Getting rid of unwanted elements in the image
  • Creating various creative adaptations
  • Controlling the final look of your photos

All these benefits, in turn, will help boost consumer trust, improve customer satisfaction, reduced product returns and increased ROI.

Common Techniques in Photo Retouching

Here, we have mentioned some of the common techniques that is being followed by most of the photo retouching companies. Let’s have a look at it. 

Spot Healing

We know that spot healing is one of the common techniques that is used when the work of photo retouching comes up. This is done to remove the spots and blemishes from the face and body while retouching the pictures of the models. In product photography, this technique is used to remove stains and marks from the product.

Frequency Separation

We use frequency separation technique to make tweaks on the texture of the skin. For example, if the image looks too blurred or sharp, then you can use this tool to fix the issue. This tool is used for model photography, but it can also be used to retain the tone of the skin or can make the image look blur or sharper. 

Dodge and Burn

This technique helps to adjust the lightness and darkness of certain spots in an image. The amount of control that this tool actually provides contributes a lot to the process of retouching. But if this tool is not used in moderation, then it can ruin the overall quality of the image. 

Eye Retouching

We use the technique of eye retouching to change the color of the eyes, do the shadow adjustment and also remove the eye bags. For model photoshoots, the eyes are crucial and how it looks have an impact on the overall image. 

Toning and Color Balance

We use toning and color balance to make the image more appealing. It is similar to the color filter but is also used to make the changes to how the audience feels about the image. This tool requires moderation and softness.

Clone Stamp

We use the clone stamp to lighten an image. We can also utilized the clone stamp on the background of an image.

The clone stamp can also be used for blending transitions on to the patterns or in the sky where there are not a whole lot of details.


This is a very simple tool but it is extremely helpful in cropping the images and applying the rule of thirds on the images. 

If you are someone looking for a professional photo retouching company, then Plexail is the ideal solution for you. 

We believe in serving our clients with excellent photo retouching services with experienced photo editors who deliver the work with quick turnaround time. 

Our set of services includes:

  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking
  • Portrait & Headshot Retouching
  • Ecommerce Product Retouching
  • Jewelry Retouching
  • Image Manipulations
  • Photo Color Correction
  • Auction House Photo Editing
  • Wedding Image Retouching
  • Real Estate Photo Editing
  • New Born Image Editing
  • Family Photo Editing
  • Photo Restoration

This is what working with Plexail Like – 

  • We first try to understand your image needs 
  • Then you can opt for our free trial to make sure that you can get to experience the quality which we provide
  • Finally, we build custom solutions as per your requirement

Interested in knowing more about us? Get in touch with us! 

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