Best Clipping Path Services in New Zealand

 Are you in search of professional clipping path services in New Zealand? Then give your search a halt as at Plexail, we provide top-tier clipping path services in Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury, and Otago. Having years of experience, we take pride in providing exceptional services to our clients.

What is a Clipping Path?

Clipping path is one of the crucial techniques that is used to extract the subject or an important portion from an image. Through this technique the background is removed and the subject is isolated, which can be further manipulated in any form. At Plexail, we have a team of professional photo editors who provide top notch clipping path services in New Zealand.

Why Choose Plexail for Clipping Path Services in New Zealand?

Precision and Accuracy:

When it comes to editing the image, precision and accuracy are highly crucial and at Plexail, a highly detailed and accurate editing is done. We understand the significance of precise editing and hence our team meticulously draws clipping paths around the objects and ensures high-quality cut outs.

Tailored Solutions:

Every industry or brand has its own unique requirements and at Plexail, we provide customized solutions to cater to diverse needs. From simple to complex objects, you can get services for all types of images.

Swift Turnaround:

We stand on our commitments and provide services within the pre-decided time frame as we understand the significance of time and provide prompt delivery without compromising on quality.


At Plexail, competitive pricing is there for clipping path services and we ensure high quality work without compromising on quality. We deliver what we promise. The services are highly cost efficient and are structured to suit all types of businesses.


Whether you have a small or a large batch of images, there are sufficient resources to handle projects of all types and sizes.


Our Clipping Path Services

Photo Editing Company

Basic Clipping Path

Get clean and accurate cut outs of simple objects with utmost perfection and clarity.

Photo Editing Company

Customized Solutions

Subjects comprising complex objects require highly skilled and professional hands to cut them precisely and achieve the desired output.


Super Complex Clipping Path

Fashion accessories and jewelry require meticulous editing and our super complex clipping path service provides flawless images for the customers.

Photo Editing Company

Multiple Clipping Path

Get top tier clipping path services for complex subjects requiring multiple selections. Elevate your profiles and attract the potential clients.

Photo Editing Company

Clipping Path with Shadow

Incorporate natural shadow to your images through our clipping path service and add realism and depth to the visuals.

Photo Editing Company

Clipping Path with Reflection

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your visulas by adding reflection to your designs and achieve the attention of the audience.

Industries We Serve

Photo Editing Company

E - Commerce

Improve customer engagement and revenue by providing high quality images on e-commerce platforms.

Photo Editing Company


Display apparel and accessories with utmost perfection and refinement.



Infuse creativity into marketing strategies to achieve commendable outcomes.

Photo Editing Company

Graphic Design

Get compelling designs that resonate with your brand and create a strong brand identity in the market.

Photo Editing Company

Real Estate

Get visually appealing images of properties that connect with customers and highlight the top features with utmost precision.

Photo Editing Company


Redefine your photographs by removing unnecessary backgrounds and get a competitive edge in the market by presenting high quality images to the clients.

How it Works

Upload Your Images

Share your images with us and outline your specific preferences and needs. Share your images with us, detailing your specific preferences and needs, serving clients across London.

Our Experts Get to Work

Our proficient team meticulously traces the clipping path around your subjects, ensuring utmost precision and attention to detail in various locations throughout the NZ.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality checks are implemented to maintain our high standards, ensuring impeccable results for clients across Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury, and Otago


Rest assured, your edited images will be delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe, prioritizing your timelines and project requirements throughout various locations in the NZ.

Our Portfolio

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path work. Trusted globally by professional photographers, our highly skilled Photoshop
experts deliver top-notch clipping path services, serving clients across NZ.
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