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Plexail is working with 100+ clients worldwide. Here are some of the testimonials!

Plexail is a pleasure to work with. Turnaround times are great, and the team is very responsive to our needs, they even anticipate them. Whenever there is a server upgrade or a holiday, they always let us know so we can plan accordingly. Having them as a partner has allowed us to streamline our processes, and remove a lot of the stress when deadlines approach. I highly recommend Plexail.

T. Clark – Photographer – USA

I worked with Plexail on a retouching project that had me extremely overwhelmed with a few months worth of work to do over the course of 4 weeks. Their team was able to assist me in the retouching process, delivering high quality work with consistent communication, and an open dialogue for constructive feedback. I would definitely recommend working with Plexail. It was a great experience!

Lena – Photographer – USA

I have worked closely with Plexail on large photo retouching projects. They are highly responsive and take feedback very well. They also make ready efforts to adapt to the client’s needs and wishes. Someone worth trying for your next digital photography extravaganza!

Nikki L – CEO and Founder – USA

My experience working with Plexail has been very positive. The fact that they are based in India and I am based in New York, never seem an obstacle. Their communication was superb, they were always available and they delivered always on time. Highly recommended!

Paul A – Owner / Creative Director – USA